Why Now?

February 19. 2013

I have a beautiful, brilliant and wonderful wife who excels in corporate America, but who is not interested in the finer points of cooking, cleaning and home organization. I on the other hand, have learned that I do not work well with others but I do pack a mean school lunch.

After college, I worked at two “blue chip” corporations. AT&T. Comcast. Checked all the boxes: salary, benefits, employer contributions to a 401k with the highwaymen at Fidelity and options in stocks “that would never go down”. How could anyone look you straight in the eye and tell you that your stocks will never go down? Highwaymen. Now, I use E*Trade.

Went through 3 business partners in 6 years in the video production business. Companies used to spend thousands of dollars on a thirty second commercial. Then, they would pay a couple a hundred and say, “My nephew can do your job on their computer.” Now, they sit in their office and make videos of themselves talking into their mobile device. Uncle.

Why fully commit to the title of Chief Household Officer and part-time writer now?

I have the aforementioned beautiful wife, a dog and two great kids who are growing up fast. I use things I learned from a high school cooking class everyday. I don’t use much algebra. We have a great house that requires much TLC and needs me around to do things like shovel snow off the roof. I have complex cleaning and organizational systems (future post with dishwasher loading strategies coming soon) and look forward to doing our taxes each year. Add Home Financial Officer to my resume.

And now, I can write by sitting in my office talking into my iPhone or typing on my iPad.

No more excuses…

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